About Me

Who is Mimi?

I am a photography-hobbyist, yoga student, gemstone and crystal collector, travel-enthusiast,  entrepreneur and a Law of Attraction Practitioner.  I used to work as an employee for more than 25 years before I become the CEO and owner of eBaula Travels goal is to provide guidance in our journey to self-discovery.

My blog site contains a cross-section of all my interests dedicated to providing inspiration and information to like-minded readers who would love to build a community of a better world.

Why eBaula Travels?

There are two aspects to the name:

(Note: Uniquely so, it is occasionally a mispronounced name which I would correct anyone to say it as “Bow-la”  NOT “Ba-oo-la” NOR “Ba-you-la”).


For several years I have been traveling and exploring places and learning more about their “special-ness” in the world. They teach me important things I have never learned in school.

Whenever I go on my adventure, my most essential gadget is my camera – be it my smartphone or my Canon DSLR, I keep them always with me.  As I enjoy capturing beautiful moments and places, eBaula Travels has become a repository of my photographs as I venture out in this planet – be it traveling hundreds (or even thousands) of miles or just a few steps in my backyard.  Beauty abounds everywhere; it only takes a pair of eyes and a heart to appreciate it.

Please visit my Instagram account: @eBaulaTravel for my original creations.


And finally, in my travels through life, I met many of my teachers and mentors along the way.

I love writing and lately, I have been receiving prodding from my inner child to chronicle my adventures and experiences through this so-called life.

eBaula Travels is my journal in remembering my lessons and inspirations as I serve my purpose in hope that by sharing it I would be able to contribute and serve, in my small way,  to make this a better world.

It is my hope that the stories I write make a difference to any one who reads.


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