About Me

Who is Mimi?

I am a photography-hobbyist, yoga student, gemstone and crystal collector, travel-enthusiast,  entrepreneur and a Law of Attraction Practitioner.  I used to work as an employee for more than 25 years before I become the GM and owner of eBaula Travel and Tours which goal is simply to create happy travelers.

My blog site contains a cross-section of all my interests dedicated to providing inspiration and information to like-minded readers who would love to build a community of a better world.

Why eBaula Travels?

There are three aspects to the name:


The main reason I registered my agency under my name is in order to give honor to my father’s family name, Baula.

(Note: Uniquely so, it is occasionally a mispronounced name which I would correct anyone to say it as “Bow-la”  NOT “Ba-oo-la” NOR “Ba-you-la”).

When I went and checked on the available names for my business under the Department of Trade and Industry database, I must have only come across 2 businesses that bear that name in the entire Philippines where I started writing blogs.  So, it would be fitting to grab it as it is almost unique.

The “e” represents edelyn,  “everything” and “everyone” in the family.  As we are in the “electronic” age, it also fits in everywhere you look.

I became a travel consultant/agent by my mere love of exploring wonderful places and learning about what is over there.  I guess it has been my dream to travel near and far out of curiosity of the world around me. Although I have retired from the travel business, I morphed into a different kind of journey.


For several years I have been traveling and exploring places and learning more about their “special-ness” in the world. They teach me important things I have never learned in school.

Whenever I go on my adventure, my most essential gadget is my camera – be it my smartphone or my Canon DSLR, I keep them always with me.  As I enjoy capturing beautiful moments and places, eBaula Travels has become a repository of my photographs as I venture out in this planet – be it traveling hundreds (or even thousands) of miles or just a few steps in my backyard.  Beauty abounds everywhere; it only takes a pair of eyes and a heart to appreciate it.

Please visit my Instagram account: @eBaulaTravel for my original creations.


And finally, in my travels through life, I met many of my teachers and mentors along the way.

I love writing and lately, I have been receiving prodding from my inner child to chronicle my adventures and experiences through this so-called life.

eBaula Travels is my journal in remembering my lessons and inspirations as I serve my purpose in hope that by sharing it I would be able to contribute and serve, in my small way,  to make this a better world.

I hope I can have a chance to create a difference with each story I write.


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