A Letter To My 5-Year Old Self

This is a letter that I would write to my 5-year old self as an adult. Quite liberating having no child of my own.

My Dearest Mimi,

I am writing you this letter to first greet you a Happy birthday! You are 5 years old now and you have a brand new sister for the first time.

I know that you have been enjoying your mama and papa’s love all to yourself for 5 years now but they thought it will be more fun to have someone to share your childhood while growing up.

You will soon be going to school and will be meeting new friends – boys and girls your age.  I know that you will be a good friend to them.

And yet sometimes, no matter how kindly you treat others, there will be someone who will not like the way you talk, dress, smile, eat and even walk.

Don’t feel bad when they criticize you. You know yourself more than others see you.  Just keep on expressing your BEING MIMIyou are unique, you are created special.  Do not be swayed by others’ opinions just to please them.  You see, it will make you sad and tired if you keep on keeping up with what others expect of you.

You have been special to your mama and papa which is the reason why they work so hard.  They may not be available at home all the time when you needed someone to help you with your homework. But remember that they do what they do in order for them to provide you with stuff that will make you happy.  In the long run, it will teach you to be self-reliant and smarter by deciding upon yourself using your own initiative. And when that happens, it will make you feel proud of yourself.

I assure you that in all phases of your life, your loved ones will always be there to support, inspire, motivate and encourage you for the rest of your life.  So, love and respect them (that’s in the 10 Commandments by the way).

Your days will be easier and graceful when you have this special love relationship with your parents that brought you into the world.

Did I tell you that you are special?  Your guardian angels think that you are very special.

Do not even think that your mama and papa have abandoned you on the days when they seem to forget to pick you up from school.  You may not understand it yet but there are some important family matters that they have to deal with because your grandfather is so sick.

You see, it is in this situation that you will build your faith with the full knowledge that you will always be taken care of.  Help always comes in many forms – it doesn’t matter if they are from someone you know or simply from a stranger.

Friends will come and go.  And in the course of time, while growing up, you will find out who are your real friends.  A person comes to your life for a reason – some because they like playing with you, some because they want your toy and may take it away from you, some will bully you into thinking that they are better than you, and yet some will teach you your important lessons.  And I am going to tell you now that it is okay to have them in your life.  Why?  Because that is how you will start to identify what you really want and separate them from what you really don’t want.

For those people who will become your teachers and your mentors –  appreciate them, be thankful for them.

Just a fair warning: there will be teachers who will hurt your feelings too.  But think of it this way…

You will need them to propel you to greater heights.  Those teachers may be members of your family, relatives or close friends who may betray your trust.

It’s okay.

You will soon realize that those who hurt you will be the source of your inspiration and aspiration to become a better person.  You do not need to stay with them though. Learn…and then let go of them and of things that will cause you sadness and loneliness.

You may not understand this yet but as you meet more and more people, you will cultivate more and more of your feelings at the same time.  That is when you will start to learn more about yourself.

Let me tell you this now: Do not go against what you believe is right just so others will accept you in their group.  The world will accept you just the way you are.  And if others don’t, heck! forget about them and be with the people who unconditionally loves you dearly.

There will be times when you will feel afraid.  Family and friends will scare you for some or no reason at all.  But always take courage.  Take your cape and tie it behind your back and soar high up to the skies.  You are very powerful like your favorite superhero.

You will get rid of your fear when you start to believe and know that you are always protected and loved by your angels.  Give your fears to them. You are God’s favorite – that’s the truth.

Remember when you fell downstairs to the basement? You got your stitches that proved how brave you were. These are the things that are beyond your control, and there will be a lot of like situations coming.  I am not saying this to scare you, but to prepare you.

Moments like these go away in time.  You get scared of the thunderstorm. But when it’s over and done, it passes away, the skies clear up and you’re ready to go out and play again.

When it feels like you are helpless, just let things happen and continue to breathe. Believe me, the more you fight it, the more it will persist.  Remember when you were swimming in the river? It is tiring to swim upstream, right?

Be honest all the time.  Saying the right things build your integrity or your authenticity not only with others but also with yourself.  I know that those are big words!

It simply means that when you make a promise to someone, you will keep it.  You already know that feeling when someone promised to buy you some popcorn and then they forgot?  A broken promise is very distrusting to others, you agree? Same is true for you.

If you don’t have anything good to say, then just keep it to yourself.  The words you have spoken cannot be taken back. So speak with love, kindness, and compassion.

When bad things happen, it is not because you’ve been bad. No!  You have just labeled it as “bad” and there is no such thing when it comes to you.

You may feel disappointed when you thought that you made a mistake but let me share with you what my own mama told me for you to remember always:

“Be kind to yourself. There’s no mistake to correct. Everything happens for a reason.”

Create the life you were born to live – like when your aunt asked you what you want for your birthday, and you matter-of-fact blurted out, “a yellow dress.” You asked for it and therefore you received it.

After reading this letter again when you are old enough to even realize and wonder if you are living your purpose or maybe don’t know if you have any purpose at all, remember how you struggled in the womb to be born in this world because you are meant to be here.

I hope this letter makes sense to you. Keep on doing what you’re doing and your purpose will find you.  And for as long as you are treating everyone including yourself with love, kindness, and compassion, then it IS a life worth having – and that is your purpose…

…my little angel.

I love you,


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As an adult and having gone through several phases in life, there is some wisdom which is quite liberating to write a letter to your inner child (when you were between 5-8 years of age).  What would you want to say to the inner child within you?  Please share them with your comment below. Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “A Letter To My 5-Year Old Self”

  1. Everything happens for a reason…..We might not understand how things are as we experience them most especially if they do not seem to fit our concerns and the way we wanted it to be, but eventually we would come to realize the “reason” for everything….Then overflowing joy and happiness follows.:).

    1. Little by little I began to teach me not take anything personally. I would now just smile and say, “Hmmm…I have not thought of it from your point of view.”

  2. it’s only now that I read your “A Letter to my 5-year old self”. It was fascinating to read it. It is so inspiring to know, that after all, my daughter is so intelligent, talented, gifted child of God. I am so proud to be your mom!!! I have learned a lot from you and you keep on teaching me the true meaning of life….

    I love you very much.


      1. It comes from the inner core of a proud mother’s heart… I am so blessed to be God’s chosen instrument to bring you out to this world…

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