Happiness: The Making of a Wonderful World

Do you know that Happiness is an obligation?

The great book, the Bible, stated a commandment, “You shall rejoice with all the good that the Almighty has given you.” (Deut 16-11).

This post is not about geographic destination travel per se, as most readers would probably expect, but relates on the lighter side of sojourn and journey in this time and place.

Not one of us can always stay happy all the time even when we get to travel around the world, have the most beautiful mansion or the coolest car in the entire planet. It requires a 180-degree turn in the way we look at things.  We can drive to the next country in our bucket list or just walk to the nearby town and feel fulfillment simply by beginning to change our mindset.

I do remember those occasions when I felt happy at certain junctures of my life. Surely, I never forget those precious moments – the feeling when I experienced love; hearing the song that resonates with my heart; the smell of my mom’s cooking in the kitchen, appreciative words from others and so on.  And during my times of loneliness and sadness, my human tendency is to redeem myself with those memories to make me feel good again.

Nevertheless, there was a certain time when grief and depression became very overwhelming that even I could not posses the will to recollect any of those sweet and happy memories which I prematurely expected to have been embedded already in my consciousness. It has become a struggle from within.  It has been a very difficult moment to overcome especially when one is not yet ready to accept the lesson.  The only way to get out of the situation is to pass through it.

Transformation needs to take place in order for a better ME to shine through.

A lot of people endlessly search for happiness in vain because being happy is simply a choice one has to make from within.  It will always be fleeting when your quest is contingent on your external conditions.  Truth has to be told that nothing will make you happy until you choose to be.

Over the years, in the process of learning my life’s lessons, I have collected happiness quotes from my mentors from whom I sought wisdom during my most difficult times.  Now, whenever life pulls me in the downward-spiral direction, I am no longer the depressive kind of person I was before.

I grew to the state of living that in order for me to lessen my personal sufferings, I have to align myself to the truth that will make me feel good again. Thus, I always choose to be happy as much as I can with my constant reminders from my teachers.

Here is a collection (17+10) of the best quotes which always inspire me to wholeness, wellness, and loving life as it is.

  1. You are a beloved of the universe. You are as beautiful as the sunrise and as ancient as the stars. You are a spark of divine love in human form. Through you, goodness and light flow in this world. Bless you. (Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D)
  2. Your true happiness happens when you discover that no one other than yourself is responsible for the way you feel. If you believe others are responsible for the way you feel, you are in true bondage because you cannot control how they behave or how they feel. (Esther and Jerry Hicks)
  3. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you don’t care about others. It means you’re smart enough to know you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first. (Anonymous)
  4. What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. (Buddha)
  5. We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we have. (Frederick Keonig)
  6. What you’re missing is what you are NOT giving. (Derek Rydell)
  7. Be your own happiness. (Byron Katie)
  8. If you look for reasons to be unhappy, you will find them. If you look for reasons to be happy, you’ll find them too. (Michelle Pescosolido)
  9. ‘A COURSE OF MIRACLES’ tells us that when you keep someone else in prison of your own judgments about them, you have to stay in prison with them to be sure they don’t escape. Let other people out of the jail of your own criticism, and you will be free too. (Alan Cohen)
  10. Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner. (Lao Tzu)
  11. The PAST ends NOW. The FUTURE starts NOW. And every moment of your life is a constant invitation to live happily ever after. (Robert Holden)
  12. When you’re good to yourself, you’re actually being good to everyone around you because when you feel good, you’ll only react well to other people. At the same time, it’s very easy for you to do things for other people when you know that other people are just an extension of yourself. (Anita Moorjani)
  13. If you are tired…sleep. If unclear…meditate. If sore…move. If angry…forgive. If unhappy…love. If bored…give. Common sense is not always common practice and so we suffer. (Brandon Burchard)
  14. Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. (Anonymous)
  15. Disappointment is your thought that God doesn’t know what God is doing. This of course, is impossible.  So try to not be disappointed in anything. Know that life is showing up perfectly in every moment. (Neale Donald Walsch)
  16. You are going to discover that worrying has no transformational value, worrying is rehearsing the very things you don’t want to happen.  (Michael Bernard Beckwith)
  17. I’m going to be happy. I’m going to be glad. I am going to smile a lot. I am going to be easy. I’m going to count my blessings. I’m going to look for reasons to feel good. I’m going to dig up positive things from the past. I’m going to look for positive things where I stand. I’m going to look for positive things in the future. It is my natural state to be a happy person. It’s natural for me to love and to laugh. This is what is most natural for me. I am a happy person! (Abraham Hicks)

When everything has been said and done, it all came down to this:

I can not give what I don’t have.  Therefore, I have to learn to love myself enough to let go of the things which cause suffering and pain in my gut.

Additionally, here are “10 Things to Let Go To Be Happy” (Power of Positivity):

  1. Let go of toxic people.
  2. Let go of regretting past mistakes.
  3. Let go of the need to be right.
  4. Let go of feeling sorry for yourself.
  5. Let go of negative self-talk.
  6. Let go of the need to impress others.
  7. Let go of limiting beliefs.
  8. Let go of the need to please others.
  9. Let go of gossip and complaining.
  10. Let go of worrying about the future.

I believe that one happy person makes one person happy who will in turn make another person happy and so on and so forth…and the circle begins.  When this happens in our lifetime, we will be singing Louis Armstrong’s…

“And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!”

Do you have a favorite happiness quote that became your beacon light for  your joy and freedom? Share yours with your comment below. Namaste!

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22 thoughts on “Happiness: The Making of a Wonderful World”

  1. Very true, whatever is within is the one that radiates. Happiness is a choice. It springs from the kinds of decision we make in our everyday lives be it simple or complex. Our life is a matter of choice, and so is our happiness. To be happy means to be contented and to be accepting of everything that comes your way. We only have one life to live, we must live it to the fullest! As the song goes….” its nice to be happy” sha la la la….. Why deprive your self of happiness.

  2. It’s always nice to see a post about happiness! I didn’t know that it’s an obligation, haha, but there’s definitely so many things in this world to be happy about.

    Love that Buddha quote, one of my favourites!

    1. I did not know that is an obligation either until I came to the bottom-line on those quotes as well. I am glad to know another happy person on this side of the fence 🙂

  3. “We can drive to the next country in our bucket list or just walk to the nearby town and feel fulfillment simply by beginning to change our mindset.” Wonderfully said! These are great tips for developing a mindset for happiness that isn’t based on what we have or what we’re doing!

  4. I like this post! Especially the encouraging quotes you’re giving. When I was born my mom did not ask for me to be happy, since she thought that would be a heavy task. She asked for me to be satisfied 😊

  5. Happiness comes from within as far as I’m concerned. If you’re content with your own company then you’re on the right path! These are some inspiring thoughts, thanks for sharing!

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