30 Best Quotes on Character Building

Oh, how I love quotes! I have been collecting them for 10 years
now and still counting.

During the years when I was living in solitude, quotes have served as my mentor. And reading the combination of words from the minds of great people, it stimulated me into meditating about my own life.  In a way, it helped me in my own self-discovery.

Those thoughts became my powerful propellants in understanding who I am.  As a result, those stimulated reflections created a strong sense of self-confidence and self-esteem within me.

We often think of our life in a negative way.  Then somehow, we get into this belief that life holds us back from experiencing our dreams.

In contemplating the quotes that I read, it led me to look at things on a different perspective.  It guided me in revelations that I did not even know about myself before.

In collecting beautiful quotes, they became my inspiration.  It helped me build a picture of myself with a vision that motivates me in seeing something good towards its conclusion.

So, as we focus on our thoughts as a means of self-discovery, we can create life goals and have allies to keep us focused when self-doubt inevitably creeps in.

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Happiness: The Making of a Wonderful World

Do you know that Happiness is an obligation?

The great book, the Bible, stated a commandment, “You shall rejoice with all the good that the Almighty has given you.” (Deut 16-11).

This post is not about geographic destination travel per se, as most readers would probably expect, but relates on the lighter side of sojourn and journey in this time and place.

Not one of us can always stay happy all the time even when we get to travel around the world, have the most beautiful mansion or the coolest car in the entire planet. It requires a 180-degree turn in the way we look at things.  We can drive to the next country in our bucket list or just walk to the nearby town and feel fulfillment simply by beginning to change our mindset.

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